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Sometimes, if you look too closely at events you can miss the bigger picture of what's going on which led up to the events, or how those events prepared the agenda for future events. This timeline has been composed in order to allow people to step back from the narrow picture of Sept 11th itself, and to observe it's position and relevance to the bigger picture of things, and to put other events into context.

We are constantly updating this timeline to contain every snippet of related information our investigations can uncover. Please bookmark this page and check periodically for updates.

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 Sept 11th
 U.S. turning a blind eye to major events, in order to manipulate public opinion towards a hidden agenda.
 bin Laden video or audio tape release
 False Flag events - staging a 'terrorist' event and blaming it on a foreign power.
 Larry Silverstein interests.
 Other building fires.
 New acts or laws passed.
 Training 'Exercises' which happened to simultaneously coincide with real events.

64 AD
Jul 18thNero burns Rome and blames it on the Christians, giving him an excuse to persecute them, including feeding them to the lions.
Feb 15thSinking (death of 266 enlisted men) of the U.S. battleship Maine, in Havana Harbour. President William McKinley (hero of today's Karl Rove) blamed the event on the Spanish, which led to the Spanish-American War on Apr 25th 1898 and attacks on Cuba. Again, it seems public opinion was manipulated by the media, such as William Randolph Hearst and pro-war fanatic and future president Theodore Roosevelt.
Feb 27thThe Reichstag fire, which was a pivotal event in the establishment of Nazi Germany, and a false-flag operation aimed at suspending most civil liberties in Germany and banning the Communist Party of Germany.
Dec 7thJapanese attack on Pearl Harbour Evidence suggests that British PM Winston Churchill knew in advance about the Japanese plans for an attack on Pearl Harbour and he either withheld information from U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt or informed him and Roosevelt subsequently withheld information from his commanders and the American public. The attack was required in order to solidify public opinion and justify American entering World War 2. More information is available from What Really Happened
A sceptical view of these events is put forward at The Churchill Centre
Jul 28thA B25 bomber crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State building. It remains standing to this day.
Source: ESB website
-The Silversteins buy their first property, a Manhattan East Side loft building. Ref. Funding Universe
Feb 27thOperation Northwoods America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. America's top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," and, "casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation."
More information is available in James Bamford's "Body of Secrets"
Ref. Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion in 1962 (The National Security Archive) and Baltimore Sun and here
Oct 4thThe Gulf of Tonkin crisis - U.S. Leaders in Washington were persuaded by interpretation of special intelligence and reports from the ships that North Vietnamese naval forces had attacked the two destroyers. More recent analysis of that data and additional information gathered on the 4 August episode now makes it clear that North Vietnamese naval forces did not attack Maddox and Turner Joy that night in the summer of 1964. This event led to the Vietnam War.
Jun 8Israel attacks the USS Liberty 14 miles off the coast of Israel, and in International waters, and in an unprovoked attack killing 34 US sailors.
Feb 13thFire breaks out on the 11th floor of the north tower of The WTC, resulting in a sprinkler system being installed.
-Silverstein Properties completes the 47-story building at 7 World Trade Center. Ref. Funding Universe
May 4thFire breaks out on the 12th floor of the 62 floor First Interstate Bank building in Los Angeles, USA.
Feb 23rdA major fire breaks out in the 38 floor office building at One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia, killing 3 firefighters and destroying much of the building. It did not collapse!
Source: Official FEMA report | Local copy [1.5M PDF document]
Feb 26th1st WTC Bombing A suspected car bomb has exploded underneath the World Trade Center in New York killing at least five people and injuring scores more. Supposedly planned by Ramzi Yousef but likely orchestrated by FBI bombers.
Report on BBC News
In 2005 a jury voted unanimously that the Port Authority (then owners of the WTC) were negligent.
Apr 19
Oklahoma City Bombing - A.P.Murrah building bombed. Were there additional explosive charges and additional bombers? There remain more questions than answers surrounding this attack, and it gave President Bill Clinton the excuse he needed to initiate plans for gun control.
Jan 3rdAntiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 act passed.
Jan 1995 - Apr 1996FBI and Treasury Cancel Raid on Suspected Charity
Dec 4thTaleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline.
Source: BBC News
Aug 7thU.S. Embassy Bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killing 257 people and injuring more than 5000 people.
Aug 28thBasic Books Inc. publishes Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard" which describes how America would be attacked by Afghanistan terrorists, moulding the way for extending American preeminence in the 21st Century.
Feb 8thOperation Last Dance takes place in Kingsville Texas, using live ammunition and terrifying local residents. Is this early conditioning for 'martial law'? or military exercises to prepare for y2k?
SeptemberA series of bomb attacks in Moscow, blamed on the Chechnans but reportedly the work of the FSB, to benefit Putin.
Oct 20thFBI announces Project Megiddo, intended to alert U.S. law enforcement to what they describe is "the potential for extremist criminal activity in the United States by individuals or domestic groups who attach special significance to the year 2000."
Source: U.S. Government Printing Office | Local copy [110K PDF document]
JuneThe Department of Justice releases a terrorism manual with the WTC in cross hairs on the cover.
SeptemberThe Project for the New American Century publish "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" which talks of "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." (p.51)
Oct 12thUSS Cole attacked by suicide bombers, killing 17 Americans. Suspects included Jamal al-Badawi and Mohammed Omar al-Harazi, including tenuous links with Osama bin Laden.
Oct 24thThe Pentagon conduct the first of two training exercises called NASCAL, which simulate a Boeing 757 crashing into the building. Charles Burlingame an ex navy f4 pilot who worked in the Pentagon participates in this exercise before retiring and starting his new career with American Airlines. Less than 1 year later the Boeing 757 that crashed into the building just happened to be piloted by him.
Mar 4thFox TV, a branch of Murdoch's media empire, broadcast the pilot episode of a 'spin-off' series based on characters from the popular Fox program 'X-Files'. The short-lived series was called 'The Lone Gunman'. A Murdoch-owned company called Canadian Millennium Productions, Ltd. (News Corp. owns 83 percent), produced the pilot episode for 'The Lone Gunman' in Vancouver, Canada, and New York City from March 20 to April 7, 2000.
AprilNORAD proposes an exercise where a plane crashes into the pentagon but it is rejected due to being to realistic.
MayThe Port Authority (owners of the WTC complex) agree to lease the WTC complex to Silverstein and his partner, Los Angeles-based real estate investment trust Westfield America after an opposing bid by Steven Roth of Vornado Realty Trust (the biggest owner of commercial real estate in Manhattan) fell through.
Jul 4thbin Laden reportedly checked into the American Hospital Dubai.
Jul 26thAttorney General John Ashcroft starts travelling exclusively by leased jet, rather than commercial airliners - due to a "threat assessment" by the FBI.
Source: CBS News
Sep 3rdThe Federal Aviation Authority made an emergency ruling to prevent Mr Rushdie from flying unless airlines complied with strict and costly security measures. Mr Rushdie told The Times that the airlines would not upgrade their security. The FAA confirmed that it had banned Rushdie from flying in the US and Canada but refused to say why. The author himself - who is famously hated by Muslims for his novel The Satanic Verses - says he believes the authorities knew the attack was coming.
Source: Disinformation, from The Times (27th Sep 2001)
Sep 10thSan Francisco Mayor Willie Brown gets a call from airport security advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel. (San Francisco Chronicle)
The Guardian reports that five hundred websites - many of them with an Arab or Muslim connection - crashed last Wednesday when an anti-terrorism taskforce raided InfoCom Corporation in Texas.
Record number of 'put options' being traded on the US stock market.
Sep 11th
MorningBob Graham, Porter Goss and Jon Kyl (who were part of the Congressional delegation to Pakistan) were having breakfast on Capitol Hill with General Ahmad, the alleged "money-man" behind the 9-11 hijackers.
8.56am ESTFlight 11 crashes into the north side of the north tower of The WTC whilst travelling at approx 490mph.
9.03am ESTFlight 175 crashes into the south side of the south tower of The WTC whilst travelling at approx 590mph, banked between floors 78 and 84.
9.25am ESTNational Ground Stop initiated by FAA Administrator Jane Garvey - the first time since 1903
Ref. Time
9.38am ESTAmerican Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. Hani Hanjour allegedly executes a 130 degree turn at 500mpg from Arlington, Virginia to fly 30' above the ground to reach the target.
9.45am ESTEye witnesses report seeing a white jet circling around the White House.
9.59am ESTSouth tower of The WTC collapses in 10 seconds. It stood for 56 minutes, 10 seconds since impact by Flight 175
10.28am ESTNorth tower of The WTC collapses in 15 seconds. It stood for 102 minutes, 5 seconds since impact by Flight 11.
4.47pm ESTBBC report WTC 7 (The Salomon Brothers Building) as having collapsed, some 23 minutes before it did!
5.20pm EST47 story Building 7 actually collapses, in 6.5 seconds.
?Larry Silverstein says in an interview on "America Rebuilding" (PBS) said, "And I remember getting a call from the err, fire department commander. Telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. And I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it. Errr, and they made that decision - to pull, and then we watched the building collapse."
Sep 14thU.S. Department of Justice releases the names of the 19 alleged hijackers, although numerous will be proven to be subsequently still alive!
Sep 16thOsama bin Laden issued the following statement via al Jazeera in reference to the 9/11 attacks: "I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation."
Source: Fox News
Sep 18thBBC News reported that the US 'planned attack on Taleban' before Sept 11th attacks.
Oct 26thPatriot Act signed into law by President George W.Bush.
Nov 7thPresident Lyndon Johnson admitted in a secret tape recording that the incident he used to win congressional approval for the Vietnam war probably never happened, according to a book published yesterday.
Source: nucnews
Dec 4thHoly Land Foundation shut down and its assets are seized.
Dec 13thBin Laden video 1 - Military forces in Jalalabad find a video tape of Bin Laden. US State Department release video tape apparently showing Bin Laden speaking with Khaled al-Harbi, somewhere in Afghanistan.
Sources: U.S. Department of Defense's English Translation of tape.
BBC News claims tape 'proves Bin Laden's guilt'.
Sep 9thAn audio tape allegedly made by bin Laden was broadcast on al Jazeera, reported by BBC News.
Nov 9th78-minute tape released of firefighter communications from Sept. 11 flatly contradicts the city's version of what went wrong. It also raises questions about the thoroughness of the city's investigations into the worst loss of life any fire department has ever experienced - 343 men.
Nov 12thQuatar Al Jazeera broadcasted the unauthenticated bin Laden Recording. US law enforcement officials report bin Laden is probably the speaker on the tape. US experts who have heard or processed the tape usually support that conclusion. The result of IDIAP Research shows that the tape is fake at 93% of accuracy.
Nov 26thAn internal inquiry has cleared the F.B.I. agents who obtained a false confession from an Egyptian student in the Sept. 11 attacks, and has raised new questions about the value of lie-detector tests.
Jan 15thNY Governor Eliot Spitzer filed an amicus brief on 1/15/03 on behalf of the World Trade Center's controversial lease-holder, the real estate magnate Larry Silverstein.
Feb 12thCNN reported that U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Senate panel that he had reviewed a transcript of a message from bin Laden stating he was in "partnership with Iraq" which was to be broadcast on al Jazeera. Al Jazeera initially denied having the tape, but subsequently located it.
Sept 26thA federal appeals court in a ruling issued today, substantially affirmed the position taken by the insurance industry that Silverstein Properties, the leaseholder to the devastated World Trade Center, likely can claim no more than the $3.5 billion insurance policy limit.
MarchLarry Silverstein Properties bought the lease from MetLife for Chicago's Sears Tower.
Apr 29thLarry Silverstein, the real-estate developer who holds the lease on the World Trade Center, lost a major chunk of his legal bid to double the $3.55 billion face value of the insurance coverage for the twin towers. Ref. Real Estate Journal
Oct 18thFire breaks out on the 34th floor of a 56 floor skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela. It burns for more than 17 hours and spreads over 26 floors, but the building remained standing.
Source: CBS News
Oct 29thBin Laden video 2 - Shortly before the U.S. presidential election on 29 October 2004, Arab television network Al Jazeera broadcast an 18 minute video tape of Osama bin Laden, addressed to citizens of the United States. According to the English translation distributed by BBC News and other media outlets, he tells viewers he personally directed the 19 hijackers, and describes his motivation: "I will explain to you the reasons behind these events, and I will tell you the truth about the moments when this decision was taken, so that you can reflect on it. God knows that the plan of striking the towers had not occurred to us, but the idea came to me when things went just too far with the American-Israeli alliance's oppression and atrocities against our people in Palestine and Lebanon."
Bin Laden claimed he was inspired to destroy the World Trade Center after watching the destruction of towers in Lebanon by Israel during the 1982 Lebanon War.
Dec 8thSilverstein Wins Latest World Trade Center Insurance Payment Case. Ref. Architectural Record and Real Estate Journal
Feb 12thFire breaks out on the 21st floor of the Windsor Building, a 32 floor high-rise building in Madrid, Spain. Part of the building collapsed, but it remained standing.
Source: Emporis
Jul 7thLondon Bombings coinciding with another 'exercise' which spookily mirrored real events.
Aug 12thThe New York Fire Department on Friday began releasing thousands of transcripts of oral histories collected from firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians who responded to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
Nov 30thNSA releases declassified documents on the Gulf of Tonkin event.
Source: NSA archives
Jan 19thAl Jazeera broadcast an audiotape of Osama bin Laden again addressing citizens of the United States.
Apr 23rdAl Jazeera broadcast parts of an audiotape. On this tape bin Laden accuses the Western world of waging a Zionist crusade against Islam. He comments on Hamas, Darfur and the situation in Iraq.
May 23rdAl Jazeera broadcasted a 5 minute audiotape from bin Laden were he claims he alone assigned the hijackers to perform the September 11, 2001 attacks. Bin Laden comments on the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and the imprisoned journalists Sami al-Hajj and Tayssir Alouni, denying any of them (apart from a few Guantanamo Bay prisoners) were connected with Al-Qaeda.
Bin Laden tells viewers Zacarias Moussaoui "had no connection at all with Sept. 11. I am the one in charge of the 19 brothers and I never assigned brother Zacarias to be with them in that mission. I am certain of what I say because I was responsible for entrusting the 19 brothers ... with the raids."
Jun 28thSilverstein asks a court to declare that insurers not be allowed to back out of billions in payments on the destroyed twin towers following a recent reshuffling of the rebuilding plan. Ref. Real Estate Journal
Jun 30thBin Laden video 3 - An Islamist website posted a recording in which bin Laden praised Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a "lion of holy war". The nineteen-minute video shows a still picture of Bin Laden next to video celebrating al-Zarqawi. US officials said the tape was authentic.
Sep 7thBin Laden video 4 - BBC News reports that a videotape of previously un-aired footage of Osama bin Laden and two of the hijackers was broadcast on Al-Jazeera TV. The videotape was believed to have been shot in Afghanistan some weeks before the attack and includes scenes of men training with weapons and box cutters, and hand to hand combat.
The video was released four days prior to the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael P. Jackson, suggested at the time the video might be a signal to Al-Qaeda supporters in the United States to initiate a terrorist attack on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, but no such attack occurred.
Nov 16thRelease of Bond film Casino Royale in which mention is made of 'put options' being placed just before 9/11.
Jul 14Bin Laden video 5 - a few days after the Lal Masjid siege, by the Pakistani government, and after a video released by Ayman al-Zawarihhi, bin Laden released a tape. He was shown with a fatigued expression. He appeared in a video clip, less than a minute long, on a militant website. BBC News reports that it was "undated and correspondents say it may be re-run footage. Its authenticity also cannot be independently verified."
May 23rdState achieves $2 billion settlement of outstanding World Trade Center insurance claims. Ref. New York State Governor Press Office
Aug 15thFire breaks out near the top of the 101-storey Shanghai World Financial Centre.
Source: China View
Sep 7thBin Laden video 6 - (Sept 7th seems to be a good day for releasing videos...) an entirely new videotape of Osama Bin Laden was aired. In the tape he mentions no acts of terrorism or war against the United States, but targets the Democrats, the War in Iraq and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain. He strongly urges the United States to convert to Islam, and stop the war. In it he also mentions that if they do not convert, then even more American soldiers will die. In the video Bin Laden mentions the new President of France, and Global warming.
Oct 15th - 20thOperation Vigilant Shield '08 which might be a good time to stage further terrorist events under cover of another 'exercise'....
Nov 29thBin Laden audio tape - In a 'new' audio tape broadcast today on Al-Jazeera television, Osama Bin Laden confesses that he was solely responsible for the attacks on 9/11 and that it was unjust for the United States to have invaded Afghanistan.
Source: Info Wars
May 16Bin Laden internet audio message - An internet audio message purportedly from Osama bin Laden was released, marking the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel with a vow to continue the fight against the country and its allies.
Source: The Guardian
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