911 Truth Campaign Part of the TrueFacts Network

Our mission statement is simple. To get to the bottom of the events surrounding the Sept 11th 2001 terrorist attacks on the twin towers. We believe this was an inside job, carried out by hidden echelons within the Bush Government.

The official version of events doesn't seem to tally with observed events and facts. Therefore we urge YOU to hunt for the real truth. YOUR freedom and liberty depend upon it, for if our Governments can get away with such a monumental atrocity, there is no stopping them in their fake "War on Terror" and ensuing erosion of YOUR rights, freedom and liberty.

The 911 Truth movement is growing day by day, simply because more and more people are questioning the official version of events.

If you feel you can help in our mission, please feel free to contact us.

911Truth.org.uk is a part of the TrueFacts.co.uk grassroots truth movement.

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