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There have been other recorded reports of major fires in high-rise tower blocks. However, a tower block has never before (or since) collapsed due to uncontrolled fire. This makes the case of the twin towers unique in terms of building collapse.

This page seeks to document and provide details of some other well-publicised building fires. None of these buildings collapsed as a result of the uncontrolled fires.

Fire breaks out on the 11th floor of the north tower of The WTC, resulting in a sprinkler system being installed.

During the late evening of May 4, 1988, and the early morning of May 5, 1988, members of the Los Angeles City Fire Department successfully battled what has proven to be the worst, most devastating high-rise fire in the history of Los Angeles.  Extinguishing this blaze at the 62-story First Interstate Bank Building, 707 West Wilshire Boulevard, required the combined efforts of 64 fire companies, 10 City rescue ambulances, 17 private ambulances, 4 helicopters, 53 Command Officers and support personnel, a complement of 383 Firefighters and Paramedics, and considerable assistance from other City departments.

A major fire breaks out in the 38 floor office building at One Meridian Plaza, Philadelphia, killing 3 firefighters and destroying much of the building. It did not collapse!

Fire breaks out on the 34th floor of a 56 floor skyscraper in Catacas, Venezuela. It burns for more than 17 hours and spreads over 26 floors, but the building remained standing.

Landmark 32-floor tower on Madrid skyline remained standing despite a 26-hour, multiple-floor fire.
Despite a complete burn-out, the strength provided by a technical concrete floor, plus the passive fire resistance of the building's concrete core and frame, prevented the building from collapse.
The only part of the building to collapse was the network of steel perimeter columns supporting the slab on the upper floors.

Firefighters in Shanghai are struggling to control a blaze near the top of  China's tallest building, which is currently under construction.
It burnt for 75 minutes before firefighters extinguished it.
The building has a planned height of 492 meters, and already exceeds 400 meters.

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